Tuesday Night Rides

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Come join us Tuesday nights for a group ride!

Come join us Tuesday nights for a group ride! The ride leaves from Earl’s at 6 PM sharp, we suggest arriving around 5:45 PM to get prepared. Group riding is a great way to improve cycling skills and enjoy new scenery with new people.

The goal is to ride as one group with an average speed of 15-17mph. On this ride we follow a strict no-drop policy and will have set regrouping points for those who find themselves off the back. Routes will range between 28 and 30 miles - an example can be found here https://ridewithgps.com/routes/27568882 .

If you are interested in joining we would love to have you. All we ask is that you come with a well-maintained road bike, helmet, and flashing rear light.

Questions are encouraged, and we hope all riders go home with a new skill, or more confidence on their bikes.

Have a question? Call Earl’s at (802)-864-9197; or email sales@earlsbikes.com.

For updates, or news on cancellations, follow our group ride events on Facebook.

Here is a link to our usual route out to Shelburne Point https://ridewithgps.com/routes/27568882